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Along the Line
To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie Lyrics

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Akeboshi along the line on the wall linking to your heart does it…
Akeboshi(明星) Along the line on the wall Linking to your heart Does it…

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I Hear You Coming, But Your Steps Are Too Loud fall into the light in their full mouths a story is…
The Needle needle pull away inside a distance far and wide and cut the…
The Patron two hands come so cold and ardent to the sea they'll…
Very Lovely it’s very lovely…
Villain catch the train to Liverpool dirty deeds and novelty nine to…
Window Shopping window shopping people looking in outside inside to where th…
With Brass Songs They'll Descend tell them what’s been shown a page turn compromise generous…
You've Gone Too Far it's too late, too late for you boy it's too late, too…

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I must say im shocked ! To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie writing a pop song, and nailing it?!?! I was not expecting that...



what dı they do, dear
what do they do there
in their homes
in their homes

it's such a tragedy
to find their bodies
lost at sea
lost at sea

what do they do, dear
what do they do there
all alone
all alone

it's not the reason
of what completes them
but what's the use
what's the use

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