Toad The Wet Sprocket Lyrics

Are you given vision
Are you second sight
Are you older than your life
Eighty days of sorrow
Endless more in sight
Still you child burn bright

And you see me crying again
And you hold out your little hand
Lead me shaking to his room
I thought I'd never see again

Close the door behind you
Turning out the light
Press a flashlight up against the wall
You say this is how we knew him, in a little egg
It opened up and this is daddy now

Now you're stepping back towards me
Til the room is bathing in light
And the answer there before me
There's no ending when we die

Are you sleeping here beside me
Are you shining bright as the sky
Are you breathing now inside me
There's no ending when we die


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These guys are underrated. I have several of their albums and they are one of the few bands that I just start the album and listen to the end. I struggle to find bands that have this quality today.

J Diddy

I have loved this song since Dulcinea dropped. The best explanation I read is that is from a woman's point of view who just lost her husband. Her son takes her into a room and uses the light from a flashlight to explain they knew "Daddy' as a small egg (flashlight up against the wall) but as he pulls the flashlight back the light is all around the room, hence "Daddy" is all around them. There's no ending when we die. I read that a month ago, amazing I loved the song for 20 years and now love it even more. 




A condensed, simplified, alternative rock version of Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings"?  It feels like similar emotional territory to me.  This song is so perfectly constructed and beautifully executed, it fills me with wonder.


I love this. Ever since I was a teenager! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


It feels like this song holds many different emotions, while keeping a consistent tone and smooth transition between versus and chorus. It's disturbing, tragic, illusive, and resolute in many different ways.


The best Toad the Wet Sprocket song ever is the one that's playing at the Band ever.


Every single track on this album is legendary!!!!


this song puts me in a trance. the first time I heard it, I was sitting alone in my car by the water. i have no idea what made me bring my new Toad album that night, but I'm glad I did...


This is my favorite song of theirs too.

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