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All of My Life
by Todd Snider


Driving all day we both said nothing
You threw your face in a magazine
I tuned in to the oldies station
Flew away in a time machine.

This world is so amazing
The sun is shining and it's raining too
I waited all my life for you.

I don't mind sometimes not talking
Sometimes there ain't a thing to say
Anyway I know what you're thinking
And I kinda like it when you think that way.

I think I'll just keep on driving
Anywhere will do
I waited all my life for you.

All this time I knew you were out there
All this time I knew someday I'd find you somewhere.

Some people tell you everything they think of
Say : 'Yes I will' - and then they never do
Sometimes I gotta ask you to speak up
Everything you say is true.

Say you'll be mine forever
Never leave me blue
I waited all my life for you
I waited all my life for you.

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