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Tol & Tol Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Tol & Tol:

Eleni Tora agapimeno Se kito ke skeftome Kardia moe min fovase Den…
Far Beyond The Skies Of Blue It's all right, you say it's over, You want to, carry…
On Top Of The World come on and dance with the night you look so happy…
Sedalia Mes tin nichtia chorevoen, ta dio pedia Pinoen ke tragoedoen…
Watching the Guards [email protected]

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Comments from YouTube:

Zoom 723

Made my location differ from my actual location which is good but it heavily deteriorated my internet speeds for tor browsing

Aiden Walker

in this video did you demonstrate how to turn off the JAVASCRIPT inside TOR 2019? or was that something else you were doing to the JAVA?

Sushil Mestri

I have disabled javascript in this video. But if you are trying this trick on latest Tor browser, then it may be changed as Tor browser gets updated frequently and the method to turn off javascript also changes with the version of Tor. Thank you !

VeNoMz ProGaming

You should make a video with the latest version

Noah Ridez

protonvpn is good

VeNoMz ProGaming

You Tech thank you im trying to find a free vpn to install on my windows 10 i tried tunnel bear but it just shows my ip to a diferent location not like you on the video hope to see more of your videos regarding the same content their very helpful my friend thanks again i sub to your channel

Sushil Mestri

Use nord vpn. Download telegram app and register there. Search for nord vpn in groups and join that group. You will get many premium accounts of nordvpn.

Sushil Mestri

@VeNoMz ProGaming no bro... Usually your ip location differs from your actual location. Use vpn for better security and anonymity.

VeNoMz ProGaming

You Tech i have a question my ip shows in a diferent location is it safe to use it like that? By the way thanks for the reply really helpful video

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Tq bro

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