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Just A Rewrite
Tom Hancock Lyrics

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Aaron Lucas (Aaron Krogh Music)

It reminds me of a common theme seen in the Japanese music industry during the 80s - 90s: pop and soundtrack composers would oftentimes take and incorporate pieces from another work to start off the track, changing a few notes or chords here and there to make it distinct but still recognizable. My theory is that they do this because the melodies are clever and tend to be awfully nostalgic. They serve as a good jumping-off point for making their own tracks.

Some notable examples from my own listening experience include:
- Shiro Sagisu quotes John Barry and some 70s-80s era pop songs in his Evangelion scores.
- Toshiki Kadomatsu’s “Girl in the Box” / Change’s “Paradise”
- Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe’s “Reiko” / Earth Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove”
- [Patlabor] Hiroko Kasahara’s “Interface” / Jigsaw’s “Sky High”
- [Ninja Scroll] Ryohei Yamagishi’s “Somewhere, Faraway, Everyone is Listening...” / DeVorzon & Botkin’s “Nadia’s Theme”
- [Kimagure Orange Road] Masanori Ikeda’s “Kiken an Triangle” / Robbie Nevil’s “C’est la Vie”
- [Kimagure Orange Road] Kanako Wada’s “Kanashii Heart wo Moeteiru” / Pet Shop Boys’ “Domino Dancing”
- Nobuo Uematsu quotes some Christmas tunes in his Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon scores. He also quotes a couple The Ventures tracks on a Chocobo theme in FF7.
- Koichi Sugiyama quotes “It’s a Small World” and “Oh You Beautiful Doll” in the Dragon Quest games.
- Pieces from John Williams’s Imperial March show up in Suikoden II, Super Sentai, and many Gundam series.
- Bits of Tchaikovsky appear in Pokémon RBY Gen 1 themes.
- Lots of melodies in Toei’s World Masterpiece Theater anime series draw inspiration from Disney songs.
- Anime composer Yoko Kanno has too many of these song intro homages to count. For an example, look up “The Real Folk Blues” from Cowboy Bebop and compare it to Bo Kaspers Orkester’s “En Världsomsegling Under Havet”.

Victor Campos

I recognize similarities on these songs with other Nintendo (Koji Kondo?) music games.

2:14 Sounds like Yoshi Island - Castle Theme ( )

4:05 Sounds like Super Mario Bros 3 - WaterLand ( )*

*I realized and commented it before watch all this video

Only for reference: other songs are at 2:51, 3:26 and 5:18.

Ben Smith

Another one.. I always thought the song “was dog a doughnut” by Cat Stevens (released in 1977) was a big influence on Mario’s musical style.

Also, Super Mario World - Overworld Theme

Is basically David Seville - Witch Doctor

All comments from YouTube:

Parked Van Productions

Imagine a dad that was into all the same bands Koji was into and being like.

"Holy shit why is my son's Christmas present playing my favourite bands?"


@Stick so its not correct

yeet skeet

@Sackboy BRI ISH


@hey guys it's me reggie Offense > Offence


@hey guys it's me reggie Offense* not offence.

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“The similarity”

Yeah, that’s the song


There are 12 notes in western music when you're composing thousands of songs ofcourse you're gonna make songs that sound similar to others. Some of them are definitely 'inspired' by (cough ripped,) but some of these are reaches!


@Donnerfuß r/whoosh

Alpha Tesla

@Doggo if the notes went higher instead if lower at the 3 seconds it would be the mario theme

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This is so weird, I grew up listening to nintendo music and now I love city pop, city funk all types of rock and jazz and more.
Holy shit

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