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Tom Morello The Nightwatchman Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Tom Morello The Nightwatchman:

Battle Hymns Battle hymns for the broken, battle hymns for the misled Bat…
California's Dark It started in basements And it started in sheds It started i…
Gone Like Rain With downcast eyes the multitudes set As the cattle cars pul…
Lazarus On Down I been tearing And I been torn The temple steps Are smooth a…
Midnight In The City Of Destruction There's an old green shed at the end of an…
Night Falls She want him, want him not to go He said I've,…
One Man Revolution On the streets of New York the cabs don't stop On…
Rise To Power I counted to one hundred, I kept losing track I wrote…
Saint Isabelle Innocence and Suffering, Loneliness and Grace Pain and Love …
The Garden Of Gethsemane On the side of the dirt road, an old Chevy…
The Road I Must Travel Well I climbed the seven summits And I swam the…
Whatever It Takes Storm clouds won't bother to gather She cashed in and cut…

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Comments from YouTube:

Марио Петров

the lyrics are simply INSAIN :X . no words needed an only huge bow


Tom Morello for President!



Moataz Iraqui

Me and Javier shouted slogan in Spanish
Like it was our world to win
Then they moved the plant down Ojada
Time to bite you tongue again

I've seen the fabled city.
Its streets are paved with gold.
But an iron fence runs 'round it
and its iron gate is closed.
What's That Line?
What ain't right ain't right he told me.
But something else passed behind his eyes.
Now he's downtown on his knees,
washin' floors for somebody
And he's quietly biting his toungue


At the gas station on sunset and crescent,
I met and angel sad and old.
She lived in the alley behind the market
in the shadows maybe hidden from the Lord.

And for a dollar she sang a song
that sounded more like a prayer
A wish that her dead mother and father
couldn't look down and see her there.


On the wire outside my window,
there sit one hundred swallows.
And I suspect that if one flew,
then ninety nine would follow

Jay Mcdude

Thank you amigo

ZonZon TeaVee

if there was a two thumbs up/double like option I'd click it...

Valeria Desiree

Happy birthday tom

Tom Kiehl