Farewell Never Never Land
Tom Russell Lyrics

Second star to the right
Straight on until morning, my little friend
There's an island called Never Land
Where childhood dreams never end

Farewell, Never, Never Land
Farewell, Never, Never Land

Some kids playing baseball in a vacant lot
In New York City
Found a body lyin' in the weeds
The voice of Peter Pan, the cabin boy
In 'Treasure Island'

Mommy didn't tell me Peter Pan could bleed
No one identified the body
He was buried in an unmarked, potter's field grave

From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Chino state prison
Oh what a holy noise Bobby Driscoll made
Adventures in the Hollywood skin trade

Whatever happened to Bobby Driscoll?
Whatever happened to Peter Pan?
Whatever happened to the cabin boy
Young Jim Hawkins?

Farewell, Never, Never Land
Farewell, Never, Never Land

When Walt Disney terminated
Bobby Driscoll's contract, little Bobby got the blues
He screamed, "Nobody terminates Peter Pan uncle Walt"
Then he started walkin' backwards in a junkie's shoes

'Song Of The South, The Happy Time
Treasure Island, When I Grow Up'
Bobby Driscoll played hell out of 'em all

The first child actor to move to Topanga Canyon
The first one to take a fall
Yeah, Bobby really hit the wall

My old man got us a ranch in Topanga Canyon
Bought me a broke down thoroughbred named, My Chief
That crazy old racehorse died tangled up in barbed wire
Sort of like Bobby Driscoll and the entire age, don't ya think?

I saw Bobby hangin' out near the Topanga Canyon Market
To tell ya' the truth he looked a trifle stoned
I walked up to him and said, "Gee, Bobby
You were great in Treasure Island"

He snarled, "Go away, kid
And leave me the hell alone"
Like a dog and I was gonna take away his bone

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