The Eyes of Roberto Duran
Tom Russell Lyrics

Has anybody here seen Roberto Duran?
I met him once, yeah I shook his hand.
I looked in his eyes and now I understand,
yeah, the love and the anger in the eyes of Roberto Duran.

Has anybody here seen that mexican girl?
She lives up on third street in her own little world.
a saint in the window, and the rosary beads in her hand, yeah, the smile of an angel and the eyes of Roberto Duran.

Panama City, it's three in the morning, they're talkin' bout the hands of stone
New York City, lord the suns comin' up
my baby's throwin' everthing she owns

Has anybody here seen the woman I love?
she'll fight down and dirty when push comes to shove, she'll win every round if the fight goes according to plan, with the
smile of an angel and the eyes of Roberto Duran.


repeat chorus (change baby's to lady's)

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