A Little Rain
Tom Waits Lyrics

Well, the Ice Man's mule is parked outside the bar
Where a man with missing fingers plays a strange guitar
And the German dwarf dances with the butcher's son
And tonight a little rain never hurt no one

Well, they're dancing on the roof
And the ceiling's coming down
And I sleep with my shovel and my leather gloves
And a little trouble makes it worth the going
And a little rain never hurt no one

Oh, the world is round and so I'll go around
You must risk something that matters
Oh, my hands are strong, I'll take any man here
If it's worth the going, it's worth the ride

She was fifteen years old
And never seen the ocean
She climbed into a van
With a vagabond
And the last thing she said
Was "I love you mom"

And a little rain never hurt no one
And a little rain never hurt no one


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Nick Spence

Bone Machine paints such a bizarre picture in my head, but I think this song is my favorite on the album because it ties that whole image together for me. The rest of the album is this gritty, violent, rusty, mud-stained experience that makes you think of this miserable place that's trapped in the past. A place where depression and misery are just how things go. But this song cuts to the core of it. As long as there are people misery will have to share space with human qualities. Singing, dancing, love, and adventure. So long as there are people these things will never go away. Even if its a bunch of misfits outside an old bar waiting for the rain to die down.


Tomorrow I'll fail my exam, but I don't even care. Tonight is one of those melancholic nights, where you just think, remember and feel too much.
The wind is blowing hard outside and the stars hide behind the dark clouds.
Accepting this kinda of reality is freaking me out, but, thanks to music like this, we survive and arise in pain.
Thank you, Tom.

P Astry

I always used to listen to this album when it stormed

Daniel Llanes

@Anthony DiPasquale I think he did

Anthony DiPasquale

Did you fail it

Apple inch

“You must risk something that matters.”
Jordan Peterson's Beyond Order 12 more rules for life brought me here.

Sam McGovern

Same here, bucko

Mary Scott

Love this.  And just about everything else he sings.

Alejandra Tabach

Wherever you are, I love you Tom Waits.

Robert Kim

I love you Mom.

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