Drunk on the Moon
Tom Waits Lyrics

Tight-slacked clad girls on the graveyard shift
Neath the cement stroll
Catch the midnight drift
Cigar chewing Charlie
In the newspaperness
Grifting hot-horse tips
On who's running the best

And I'm blinded by the neon
Don't try and change my tune
Cause I thought I heard a saxophone
I'm drunk on the moon

And the moon's a silver slipper
It's pouring champagne stars
Broadway's like a serpent
Pulling shiny top-down cars
Laramer is teeming
With that undulating beat
And some Bonneville is screaming
It's way wilder down the street


Hearts flutter and race
The moon's on the wane
Tarts mutter their dream hopes
The night will ordain
Come schemers and dancers
Cherry delight
As a Cleveland-bound Greyhound
And it cuts through the night

And I've hawked all my yesterdays
Don't try and change my tune
'Cause I thought I heard a saxophone
I'm drunk on the moon

Written by: TOM WAITS

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Corbin Garber

I’d like to think that this is a sequel to Fly Me to the Moon when Frank Sinatra realizes living on the moon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and decides to get totally wasted.

ellie :0]

@plasticwrap who?


Hahahaha 🖤

Jacob Lewis



Drinkin' agaaaaaaaain

Dapper Drink

Same, great minds think alike. But I am stupid af soooo.

But ya that is funny

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I got drunk in a bar in New Jersey just after my girl friend text me to tell me that she's finished with me. I sat drinking and started chatting to a guy with an English accent. We had a good time. I bought all the drinks as I remember. I left alone drunk. A couple of days later I went back to the same bar and stood in the same place as previous and realised I had been talking to a full-length mirror.

Kate Sagan

@Dan Marine lol

Kate Sagan

Damn, I was hoping you to say that he turned out to be love of your life. damn reality.


self reflection at its finest

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