Eggs and Sausage
Tom Waits Lyrics

Nighthawks at the diner
Of Emma's 49er, there's a rendezvous
Of strangers around the coffee urn tonight
All the gypsy hacks, the insomniacs
Now the paper's been read
Now the waitress said
Eggs and sausage and a side of toast
Coffee and a roll, hash browns over easy
Chile in a bowl with burgers and fries
What kind of pie?
In a graveyard charade, a late shift masquerade
Two for a quarter, dime for a dance
With Woolworth rhinestone diamond
Earrings, and a sideway's glance
And now the register rings
And now the waitress sings
The classified section offered no direction
It's a cold caffeine in a nicotine cloud
Now the touch of your fingers
Lingers burning in my memory
I've been 86ed from your scheme
I'm in a melodramatic nocturnal scene
I'm a refugee from a disconcerted affair
As the lead pipe morning falls
And the waitress calls

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Written by: Thomas Waits

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


intro: I was always eh, kinda want to like consider myself kind of a pioneer of the palette
A restaurateur if you will
I've wined, dined, sipped and supped in some of the most demonstrably beamer
Epitomable bistros in the Los Angles metropolitan region
Yeah, I've had strange looking patty melts at Norms
I've had dangerous veal cutlets at the Copper Penny
Well what you get is a breaded salsbury steak in a shake-n-bake
And topped with a provocative sauce of Velveeta and uh, half-n-half
Smothered with Campbell's tomato soup
See I have kinda of a uh...well I order my veal cutlet
Christ it left the plate and it walked down to the end of the counter
Waitress, ? she's wearing those rhinestone glasses with the little pearl thing clipped on the sweater
My veal cutlet come down, tried to beat the shit out of my cup of coffee
Coffee just wasn't strong enough to defend itself

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Max Weaver

I personally think: this is the coolest fucking thing ever laid down on tape. Tom is the singer-songwriter. He takes multiple genres, and interprets them in his own way.Jack Kerouac combined with John Coltrane.


Please don't, but you can say that again :-)

Ann Hawley

i like the part where his veal cutlet came down and beat the shit out of his cup of coffee...
but the coffee wasn't strong enough to defend itself


I had a late night job delivering newspapers with my car around three in the morning this album was played on the car's radio, I ran out and bought it the next day!

Paul Sickleville

This album is a hundred pounds of cement ....with wings
Tom Waits .... forever


Such a pleasure to read the comments of others who love this music as much as I do.


I once made myself a dinner of eggs and sausage, with a side of toast, while listening to this song. I was in a semi shabby beachside apt. in San Diego. Susan and the Cadillac were nowhere to be seen.

Ali [Syed] Hasany

This comment made me smile.

Floss Man

They were looking over your shoulder. 😉

Patrick Arbelo


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