Strange Weather
Tom Waits Lyrics

Will you take me across the Channel
London Bridge is falling down
Strange a woman tries to save
What a man will try to drown
And it's the rain that they predicted
Its the forecast every time
The rose has died because you picked it
I believe that brandy's mine

And all over the world strangers
Talk only about the weather
All over the world
It's the same, it's the same

And the world is getting flatter
And the sky is falling all around
Oh and nothing is the matter
For I never cry in town
And a love like ours, my dear
Is best measured when its down
And I never buy umbrellas
Cause there's always one around

And all over the world strangers
Talk only about the weather
All over the world
It's the same, it's the same

And you know that its beginning
And you know that its the end
Once again we are strangers
As the fog comes rolling in

And all over the world strangers
Talk only about the weather
All over the world
It's the same, it's the same
It's the same

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Kathleen Brennan, Thomas Alan Waits

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Fluff McMuff

Back when this song was recorded, talking about the weather was considered boring. How the times have changed!

..Climate Changed...

From -45 degrees to mid the mid 50's (Fahrenheit) within 4 days isn't normal for January (Northern Midwest USA 2019).

Just earlier this week, some spots on Earth were as cold as on Mars. The North Pole was not the coldest place on Earth those days.. Now, half a week later, it feels like spring!

At this rate, when the ice that once blanketed much of the poles melts, the darker colored oceans will absorb more solar radiation than the reflective white snow, heating the water. That water gets circulated throughout & between oceans raising global temperatures & ocean levels (oceans made acidic from industrial levels of pollution in the atmosphere).

It's time to act. There is no debate. Climate Change is real.

The industrial levels of greenhouse gases (greenhouse gases trap solar radiation like the glass or plastic of a greenhouse) being released by burning fossil fuels (oil, gas, & coal) & the millions of large gassy animals people eat in unhealthy/unsustainable amounts are in large part the cause of this Accelerated Climate Change & weather intensification.

The business as usual way of doing things is literally destroying the very ecosystems all life on Earth (including humanity) needs to survive. For a matter of fact, industrial dumping of poison into the air, water, & ground has lead to the largest mass extinction since the dinosaurs.

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Pablo Sinuhé

In a world of new musical classics needings, Waits is the key

Prince Maeldireagh

Sometimes I think Tom Waits is from another planet. I've never heard anything like him around here. I love his sound.

Joanie Boyles

I love Tom Waits. His music is so honest and raw. Sometimes I cant wait to get in from my job so I can get lost in his songs. I always come out feeling so new and so clean. Like he washes my soul and renews my spirit.


for real. when i get depressed i usually cant listen to music because there'll just be something about it that i dont like but waits is as you said just so honest and raw that when the world is just awful to me, his music is something that i still love

E.T /l

Hozier ❤️

Parida Snapesnapesnape

@Dhaarshenhi Ragupathy I just uploaded the bit he’d shared on his instagram story!

Dhaarshenhi Ragupathy

I wish i could get the full version of his cover here

FreashPrince OldSchoolRemix

A stranger in world of hell. Sometimes the pleasure is not knowing.


Marvelous marvelous freakin marvelous !

Marsh Abner

It rains here in Seoul and here is Tom.

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