Union Square
Tom Waits Lyrics

Well, time is always money for the boys on Union Square
Go on and bust your ass 'til doomsday, don't forget to say your prayers
Someone's riding down the backstreet, said papa got a brand new slack
And your baby is handcuffed on the front seat
Sit right there, boy and you relax

C'mon honey, we're all going down-down-down-downtown, down-downtown
We're going down-downtown, We're going down-downtown

Well, you spill out of the Cinema Fourteen
To that drag bar there on the block
Whizzin' on down in front of the East Coast
Bank rolled up on your sock

She stand right there for your pleasure, half Puerto Rican-Chinese
You got to find your baby somebody to measure
I'm going to get me some of these, baby
Come on honey, do you hear what I'm doing now?

Down-down-down, down-down-down-downtown
Down-downtown, whoo, I'm going down-downtown

'Bout four in the morning on a Sunday
Sacco drinking whiskey in church
Half-pint of Festival brandy
That boy 'bout to fall right off his perch

Well, that guy in the sweater's off duty
Well, he's out in front of that welfare hotel
The guy in the dress is a beauty
Go all the way, I swear you never can tell
Come on honey, and pull up your socks

Down-down -down, I'm going down-down-down-downtown
Down-downtown, down-down-down, whoo, come on

Whoo, yeah down-down-down, come on down-downtown
Going down-downtown, I'm going down-downtown

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Comments from YouTube:

Matt Zakszewski

This is most perfectly condensed rock n roll song ever.

Andrew Kuncel

Deserted Island Essential

Zach North

Tom really should cover Long Tall Sally.


Keith Richards’ guitar is the cherry on top of Tom’s genius on this one.

michael smith

Come on honey, pull up your socks.


Love this song!!!




I hear that Gibson pedal from the fifties.

Jim Wilson

the best!


I remember the first time I heard this song, I had no idea who Tom Waits was. I was high af. My friends picked me up in another friend's car where this music was played. I just remember being in the backseat blazed out of my mind laughing my ass off at how fun this song was. I kept telling my friend " play Downtown again " lmao

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