It's Only the Good Times
Tommy Edwards Lyrics

It's only the good times I remember
Whenever I think of you
It's strange but you know
I can't remember
The tears and heartaches with you

It's nights like those nights
We'd sit home talking
Oh, my, how the hours flew
It's those tender times
That I remember
Whenever I think of you

Although we were wrong for each other
We still had thrills just the same
And I guess that we'll always wonder
Which of us was to blame

I can't say that sometimes I'm not sorry
To think that our love is through
Cause it's the only good times I remember
Whenever I think of you

Do you (do you) remember too

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Comments from YouTube:

robert f

Sad sad story of life for this talented singer..he never gain financially from his fame and died's only after his death that fans appreciated his works...RIP Tommy

Cecil Williams

When I first loved 'It's only the good times...' , I was a teen and it even spoke directly to me then, before I had a lost love to pine over. Through the all the years and the romantic relationships that have happened, this Tommy Edwards masterpiece still comes to mind. Thanks for posting it.

Jeff Lipinski

Tommy Edwards really knew a wonderful song and arrangement and melody.
All his records are A +

murp h

A great popular song sung by a master ballad singer___ his signature was that drum back beat _ wonderful music from a time of beautiful innocence


Amazing Tomy his music will last for ever.. Brings back some amazing times for me. Thank-you

Sandi Young

I can't listen to this song without crying. 35 years gone by and I'm still a blubbering mess. God how I loved him.

murp h

Sandi Young more years than you think

Mary Lynn Johnson-Kerker

A masterpiece tears at my heart


I forgot about this one. It's a great love song by a great artist.

Susan Brown-Gilmore

I get a lump in my throat every time I listen to this.

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