Sky's the Limit
Tony! Toni! Toné! Lyrics

Sky is the limit

Hey fellas, wait a minute
And let me tell you a story
About this girl of mine

To tell you all the truth
Nothing I wouldn't do
She's just my natural high
Are you sure that she's your type?
Would you want her by your side?
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I told you she's the one

What you told me, that's the truth
Are you sure you're not confused?
(No fellas, no)
I'll never hold back on her 'coz

Sky is the limit
And if you really want it
You put your heart in it
Sky is the limit

Look way up in the sky
Heaven's missing an angel
'Coz I got her here with me now

And yet to say the least
I just want God's leads
And I'm never letting go

Will you go out of your way
Meet your loving everyday?
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don't ask no stupid questions

If you're feeling kinda hooked
Then throw away the platform book
(Oh, fellas, oh)
It's already been here around

Never wanna change the girl
She's forever in my world
No more wanna be in a lie
Truster of my world of mine for her

Everyday and I will
Let her know my love it real
I'm gonna keep her head in the sky

Sky is the limit
If you want it
You put your heart in it
Sky is the limit
You got to give it all you got

Sky is the limit
To say the least
I just God's needs sitting all down there

Sky is the limit
Heaven's angel is here right next to me
And I'll give her everything

She's my angel
She's my only world
Here right next to me

Sky is the limit
If you really want it
You will give it all you got
Sky is the limit
Hey babe, you know what I mean

Sky is the limit
(Everything I got)
Sky is the limit
Sky is the limit
(You'll never have to worry, honey)

Sky is the limit
(I'm gonna do it right here)
(Right here for you anytime you need me)

Sky is the limit
(Any time you want me girl)
(Sky is the limit)

Sky is the limit
(For the stars, I will reach for you girl)
Sky is the limit
(You'll never have to worry about a thing with me)
Sky is the limit

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Comments from YouTube:

Lorenzo Chi

Still fireeeeein 2019 . yall slept on this jammm


@Chanel W lol this wasnt slept on at all, went platinum and had a bunch of hits

Chanel W

That whole album was slept on unfortunately :( I was about 7 when this came out :)

ann davis

the man of my dreams is singing this song but i havent met him yet. ty for this good vibe 3T. God bless

Antoine Townsend

Tony Toni Tone Sky The Limit

ann davis

My Aquarius crush Dwayne sings lead...brings good memories. Glad i found this during my bday month. Ty & stay healthy


Why don’t they make more music I love these guys

ann davis

So glad YouTube got all this good music bc I would b really messed up if I couldn't hear my jams. Ty YouTube & 3T. God bless & stay healthy in 2020

Q's Chronicles

🙄🙄 looked this song up from just hearing TashaK interviewing the alleged writer to this song

Larry Kelly

Beyond the Sky is the Team Love All Star's⭐Twinkle Twinkle.

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