Ruby Baby
Tony Sheridan Lyrics

Well now I gotta girl now and Ruby is her name
Let's see I need some beat boys
Well this girl don't love me, but I love her just the same
Pick it up boys
Woah oh oh Ruby Ruby
How I want you
Like a ghost I'm a gonna haunt you
Ruby Ruby, Ruby will you be mine
Ruby Ruby Ruby Baby
Well now each time I see you, baby my heart cries
Ruby Ruby Ruby Baby
Ah it does Ruby

Well now I'm gonna steal you away from all those guys
Ruby Ruby Ruby Baby
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
From the happy day I met you
I made a bet that I was gonna get you
Ruby will you be mine

Let's oink awhile
oink oink
oink oink
oink oink bow
Whoa oh oh oh oh
oink oink
woof woof

Well I gotta girl I said Ruby is her name
What's her name?
When this girl looks at me she just sets my soul aflame
Ruby Ruby Ruby Baby
Whoa oh oh oh oh
Forgot it
What are you gonna do now?

Aba zaba aba zaba zaba doo
Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Baby
You always forget the words, every time

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​@William Bruce Wilhite And just one thing. Not only Ruby Baby was recorded by the Beat Brothers, but even Let's Dance, originally by Chris Montez.

On 4 June 1962 the Beatles contracted with Parlophone. Their last recording for Kaempfert was on 24 May 1962. Less than two weeks before they signed to Parlophone.

Do you really think that the Beatles would be allowed by Brian or George Martin to break the contract with Parlophone and to record for Polydor after 4 June 1962?

And, what's more interesting, Montez's song entered US charts on 18 August 1962 on #78. Its highest place was #4, starting 6 October 1962 for two weeks.
In the UK, it entered charts on 10 October 1962 on #46. Its highest place was #2, starting 7 November 1962 for four weeks.
In Germany, it entered charts on 26 November 1962. Its highest place was #7, for 9 weeks it bubbled in Top 10 chart and then it slipped down.

If the Beatles backed Sheridan on this recording, who'd be the drummer on it? Pete Best? No. Best played with the Beatles for the last time on 15 August. Was it Ringo? No.

So, in a nutshell: if the Beatles backed Sheridan on Let's Dance, it would be before their contract with Parlophone. And it's impossible because Let's Dance in its original version was absolutely unknown to them in those days.


@William Bruce Wilhite

Hope you catch your nose and understand your sources you quote are total nonsense. You have to come to terms that you have been wrong for so many years.
(By the way, maybe we will get the superb correct info from you that in "I Need You" it was Ringo on drums...)


@William Bruce Wilhite "The original Beat Brothers who backed Tony Sheridan were the Beatles. The second bunch who called themselves the Beat Brothers were not the originals, who we know were the Beatles."

But I did not deny this.

I disagree with this:
"I doubt that any of you are true Beatles fans. You are deeply misinformed. Seriously, if you're really interested in Beatles' history, you would already know quite well that The Beat Brothers were mostly comprised of 1-4 Beatles, but could also include others. It's in books and all over the internet. It's just so easy to find."

Where did you find "the fact" that the Beatles were nicknamed the Beat Brothers because of John's suggestion?

The fact that you are old and you do have any rare records, it doesn't mean you can't be wrong or that you can exalt yourself.
John, Paul, George and Pete backed Sheridan on studio recordings of My Bonnie, Why, Take Out Some Insurance on Me Baby, The Saints, Sweet Georgia Brown and Nobody's Child, that's the fact and that is all. If you think that one of J+P+G (and Pete, when he was the member of the Beatles) played on the songs I wrote (Ruby Baby, Let's Dance), you can accept it's impossible due to time constraints.

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Ruby Dellas

When I was a little girl I used to dance on my Dad's feet to this song. Beautiful childhood I had. Miss you Dad.

Paula Adamsone


Gary Kerns

How sweet! :)

Aspen Ashmore

Ruby Dellas I’m so late, but that is such a sweet story🥺❤️

Rosie Barnes

The backing were the Beatbrothers, Roy Young on organ Colin Melander on bass, Tony Sheridan on vocals, Jimmy Doyle on drums, Rikki Barnes on tenor sax. How do I know, was there, married to saxplayer, still am!!! Tony also on lead guitar!!!

William Bruce Wilhite

@Carlos Dilorenzo The Beatles were the original Beat Brothers. John Lennon created the name. And he did not care about it at all. He threw it away. Afterward, there were a bunch of no name nothings who called themselves the Beat Brothers, but they have been total zeros. JWL was the Beat Bros. And the Beatles. Nuff said. There is nothing else to know.

Carlos Dilorenzo

@KT Lowe With my friends, we have discussed for years if its Paul McCartney´s voice in the background vocals of Ruby Baby. We should ask Rosie Barnes.

KT Lowe

Those are always my favorite stories - the backing musicians sometimes have cooler stories to tell than the lead act.


John Lennon was a great admirer of Dion, and visa versa. Dion is one of only two rock artists (besides the Beatles themselves) to appear on the Sgt. Pepper's album cover. (The other is Bob Dylan).

Lou Fortunato

In fact they became good friends.

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