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Out Of My Hands
by Tony Vincent

I can't make the snow come down
i cannot make it rain
i can't make the sun go down
or to rise and burn again

I can't make you love me more
no matter how i try
your grace alone can justify
that kind of love just mystifies
that kind of love jsut mystifies

It's out of my hands- though i try so hard
it's out of my hands- when i slip and fall
it's out of my hands- i will rest in you
you know my voice- yours hears my call
it's out of my hands

I can't make the world spin 'round
or catch a falling star
i can't set the night on fire
and burn away the dark

I can't make you love me more
can't impress you with my deeds
i can't make you love me less
that kind of love is what i need
that kind of love is what i need

(chorus + below)

It's out of my hands- when i have no strength
it's out of my hands- i will look to you
it's out of my hands- you will never fail
your love's a grip i can't slip through

(repeat chorus 2x)

From the album... 'Tony Vincent'.

Contributed by Jayden G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I had this album... on TAPE. 1995

spartans race

Still own this on cassette . Still own a boom box and my cassettes play clearly

Jay Davis

Man this guy really changed his style now! I loved this song though back in the day.

Sweetfreeze Neologistix

Ah yes, gotta love 90's music. Cassette tapes, waiting by your boom box ready to hit the record button so you could have 85% of the song recorded, hairstyles that seemed so edgy and cool on the singers and bands but your mom always said no when you were at Supercuts, VH1 pop-up music videos. And the dancing. Oh, the dancing. Such good memories.

Serena Miller

loved him SO much growing up and love him even more now

Juan el Parque II

The more I live life and come across situations that are out of our hands, we must lift our hands to God and put our faith & trust into His hands.


He recently reappeared on The Voice!!!

C. Mike Smith

Seems to have good hair here.

Aaron Taylor

Oh the 90’s! Special time!

Darin Wade

"Baldie" what kinda spirit is leading you now the inner child called the holy Spirit gave you this scenario that lead millions that swayed from the faith back into the arms of Jesus our comforter and holy Spirit..are you too grown up to look this beautiful again

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