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Simple Things
by Tony Vincent

Deep in the quiet of my soul- the truth I know
Tested by sorrow, pain and tears- through bitter years
Waiting for answers to my prayers- you were there
The days and nights you brought me through
Shaped my faith in you

It's the simple things- I hold on to
It's the simple things- I find in you
It's to you I sing and to you I cling
It's the simple things
It's the simple things- that make me see
It's the simple things- that set me free
As I learn to wait you renew my faith
Through the simple things- knowing you're my Lord

Finding your promises of hope- the words you spoke
Friends beside me on this road- to share the load
Pouring my heart out unto you- and listening too
Resting in your perfect love- I can't get enough


These things that I could never live without
The means of grace to guide my heart
When I'm lost in this world of doubt
You bring me home (to the...)



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Comments from YouTube:


I've been trying to find this song for about 10 years! <3

Jordan Geier

Now you know who sings it.

Leo Elliott

this song was one of my favs when i was younger thanks for posting it couldnt find this anywhere for a long time.

Nelson Cruz

Yes, this is a great song by Tony Vincent. He wasn't around for too long but I've always loved this song since the first time I heard it years ago.


This was my elder sister's favourite song when we were teens growing up in church , she died 2 months ago😭😭😭 I had to search for it cause I miss her so much, I can almost hear her voice in it. ......she simply believed in God till her death

Trey Duval

This too was one of my favorite songs when i was young! Thank you for posting. I'm not sure what happened to this guy, but he had some talent!


Trey Duval He's on Broadway now. He never really was what he sang about back then.


You're welcome


You're welcome

Yumi Ramen

I haven't heard this song in forever... Thank you so much for posting it here - really made my day  :)

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