Toots and The Maytals Lyrics

Alidina, go out and do the work
Alright alright

Alidina, lazy lazy
Alidina, crazy crazy
Alidina, go on and do the work

Just the week before last week I saw you
Standing out at the mother's (?)corner looking inside
And you alidina, want to do the work
Alright alright

Just the day before yesterday I saw you
Walking on the long train line, doing nothing
And you, Alidina, want to do the work
Alright alright

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Comments from YouTube:

At Zero

To Be Remembered is to Live Forever... Stay Rude, Stay Roots and keep your Boots Stomping...


I love the part where he calls Alidina out like '2 weeks ago I saw you walking on the railroad tracks, not doin' shit! Go out and do some work, Alidina.'

Christine Walker

Tatwampstajag lol lol

Rupert Thompson

Time to crack open a can or two of Red Stripe and start leaping about to the joyous sound of the Maytals in full flow.

Cheers to one and all

The Original LadySka

R. I. P. TOOTS thank you for the music and the good times.


this video's been up for 6 months, and it still only has a thousand views and a handful of ratings! (5 stars, of course) toots certainly has a strong following, but many people don't seem to know about some of his old CLASSICS, like this!!! thanks for posting this!!!

JonJon R

More than 10 yrs later, and it's up over a hundred thousand :) gotta luv it!

Cho CaMon

R.I.P Legend :((

Stripper Pingvin

My heart breaks everytime i listen to it, im not sure if its out of sadness or the joy. But the time that's passing away for all of us makes me heart heavy.


Thank you. Been humming this song occasionally for the past decade, but I don't have it in my library. Much appreciated!

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