Toots and The Maytals Lyrics

Elton John
The Last Good Man In My Life
Think the trees are shedding leaves
It looks that way and I might say
The same applies to me
'Cause it's autumn in my heart
And you're the reason dear
I should try to get you back
Instead of sitting being silly here

'Cause you're the last good man in my life
You left me half the woman that I was
But I'm gonna find the time
And you bet I'm gonna climb
Bacm into the arms of the last good man that I loved

Could have been me acting smart
But you know how I can't end what I usually start
You'll realize soemthing's gone
Sure hope you miss me then
But I wouldn't make a fool of you
I'd just pray that you might stay with me again

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Comments from YouTube:

Don Arnold

RIP Toots, one of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard

Tony Ogbata

Without a doubt, one of reggae's finest songs ever... (don't miss the powerful bassline - play on a good sound system!)

Ngang Oliver Che

Could this be Tony Ogbata , an alumni of St Patrick's secondry school Ogbe?

Chris Ginish

Toots Hibbert is an inspirational man.

Sarah Lomas

Did you also know he was there before there was a there? And hes still touring the world at 60plus truly an inspiration also to be apart of the top 10 greatest singer and performer of all time

Buddy Lupata

yeah man. i like it.


Rastaman will never go DOWN 🇰🇳🇰🇳 R.I.P.

Radical Bryan

May this great Reggae inventor rest in paradise.


So peaceful...

Tony Ogbata

... Can music ever sound this way again? Almost 5 decades gone but the feeling is same as ever... "Day unto day utter a speech; night unto night showeth knowledge"... Inspirational!

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