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Topp Dogg Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Topp Dogg:

Amadeus Surprise amazing 13boys We hangin' out new concept t.O. Doub…
Arario [YANO] Yeah! annyeong? ([Kidoh] ToppDogg!) uri molla? [Jenis…
Cigarette You swim in my cigarette I draw your face everywhere You sin…
Cute Girl [B-Joo] ddaseuhan bomnare Bichineun moseube Meonghani hollin…
Dogg's Out You know what I'm doing? You know what I'm takin'? You know…
Fever I hate A4 I really hate hakgyo Nektai ttawin dasi haril eo…
Follow Me 다 닳겠네 이 시선에 What are you doing What are you doing 내…
Girl Like You neo gateun yeojaga isseulkka neoui binjarireul da chaewojul…
Keep Smiling Yeah! Annyeong? Toppdogg! Uri molla? T.O. Double P D.O d…
O.A.S.I.S T o double p d o double g Hell ya go…
Open The Door Yeah! You know what it is Been a long time waiting T.…
Peekaboo Sinsadeuri nagasinda gireul bikyeoraPeekaboo nolla dwiro da …
Play Ground [B-Joo] Well I don't know soljiki moreugesseo Naega wonhaneu…
Playground Well i done know soljikhi moreugesseo naega wonhaneun geon …
Salieri Yeah you all know what it is Deureobwasseo? deureobwannyago …
Say It [HanSol] da dalkenne, I siseone [B-Joo] What are you doing? …
THE BEAT Ah yeah Did you get some feel Yeah feel it Yeah feel…
TOPDOG Yeah~! CUZ I'm ToppDogg ToppKlass ToppDogg I do what I do…

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Molly W

Topp Dogg 4th Year Anniversary Project: (Goal Completion Date: 171024): VIEW GOAL:
[ ] TOP DOG: 3M
[✔] ARARIO: 3M
[ ] THE BEAT: 2M
[✔] ANNIE: 1M

Baka Chan

I'm going to help the new ToppKlass ! 

0:14 = B-Joo with purple hair. Dance.
0:18 = Hansol with blue hair. Dance.
0:42 = P-Goon. Leader and singer.
0:48 = Kidoh with red hair. Rapper.
1:03 = A-TOM with red hair like a devil. Second Maknae, rapper.
1:16 = SeoGoong. Singer.
1:19 = Nakta. Singer.
1:23 = Gohn. Singer.
1:44 = HoJoon with green hair and glasses. Dance and Singer.
1:53 = Jenessi with the green scarf, he look like crazy ! Rapper.
2:05 = Yano with the white/brown mane on his shoulders. Maknae, rapper.
2:19 = SangDo with the dreadlocks. Singer.
2:58 = Xero with white hair. Dance. 

I hope I have helped ! Enjoy the music :) 

All comments from YouTube:

Carmel Ann Fiel

These boys have potentials, honestly. And its sad that they didn't get the breakthrough they deserved. It's already 2020 and yet I still listen to their songs because they are simply amazing. I just hope that wherever they are right now, they're doing fine.

Ni no

Yeah their songs still slay


Hey! If you want you can look up kinda on ig he was nakta in the group. And minsung (at the time called hansol) is a choreographer. And one of the rappers a tom just goes by his real name sanggyun in his duo called jbj95, check them out!!! I simply love their album called spark!! Also majority of the members are doing their own thing but 5 of them wanted to keep the group, now going by xenot (half of them are enlisted and we have like 0songs or promotion but hope we get there😭)



martia law

I KNOW RIGHT i wish more companies would do that :/

Dianna Radu

A little update for y'all just in case you didn't know:
- Minsung (Hansol) is currently part of Newest-G (a dance group)
- Xero, Sangdo, Hojoon, Yano and Bjoo are in XENO-T
- Xero, Hojoon and Bjoo are serving in the military at the moment
-P-Goon has a sensible situation right now, he got married, has a child and now from what I know he divorced (I don't know more details)
About the other I don't know anything


And Yano is writing and producing some music. He recently worked with ex-Monsta X Wonho in one of his songs.


Atom is in jbj95

This is not Ayden

I think seogoong did make a solo career as I.M and do upload an mv but i never heard of him after that


Kidoh is or was (i don't know exactly) in a group called 'rockbottom'

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