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Cara Mia
by Tormentor

In the night,
We fell down,
Into the hands of winter,
Where the spring can be

Half a lion,
Half a man,
Broken coloumn behind my step,
Disemboweled demon in my lap.

Then I give a start to you,
Since I've seen your face in me,
Hence! - Horrible shadow
Undreal mockery, hence!

Colorless world,
What they've done,
We are not the ones of them,
Who resist the current.

With the fairies of the spring,
Our time has come,
Nobody will understand
Only the unveiled nature

Cara Mia - my darling
Cara Mia, Cara Mia, Cara Mia...

In your eyes,
The moon and the sun,
The winds blow from your hair,
Every flower in one fragrance.

At the first sting,
Of your touch,
I fell in love with the flames,
Eternal burning came...

Cara Mia - my darling...
Cara Mia, Cara Mia, Cara Mia
Cara Mia, my darling

Then I give a start to you,
Since I've seen your face in me,
Then you give a start to me,
Since you've seen my face in you.

Hence! - Horrible shadow
Unreal mockery, Hence!
Cara Mia...

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