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Tormentor II
by Tormentor

Death is not survival
Your life was frail
You always broke the laws of god

I've got your brain 'cause
You don't need it anymore
Here is no what you have to think about

Something has changed around you
It's not that world yet
Soon I will meet with you

It's too late to cry
I'm waiting for you here
This is the world of fallen angels

I always hated you
And I always helped you
But we always were enemies

When I was with you
I was always against you
And from now the inside pain will burn you

TORMENTOR - black fire
TORMENTOR - frosty winds
TORMENTOR - this time
TORMENTOR - this space
TORMENTOR - to hear that laughing voice:
"It's a long time you'll get out from here"

You murdered 'cause you were coward
You were raging by me
Why were you in league with me
I made you possessed!

You were good looking
And you had all you wanted
But those times are over
I made you obsessed

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