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Come Again
by Total Devastation

Comin at you
Come again
(repeat 3)

I'm on the refirst verse yo I'm comin kinda swift
Bust the lyric and the lyric that goes like this
I can flow with the best and keep a crowd jumpin
Like the niggaz for life and we always into something
Star takes it away little G's got to have it
Now its back to the lab so I can start bamalamin
'Cause Toss is like kick it and I love to eat chicken
From south with applause and the nine is straight clickin
M dogs Hip hogs its a sucker free movement
Yo Pete what up T show these suckers how its done G
Get up on the mic and bust a funky ragamuffin


Me come again me comin comin again
Me comin at you so hard you say please come again
Me ragamuffin rappen and me come a little faster
So pass the raster to the ganja master puff puff puff

In 1991 I had to get out of the dope game
I'm slangin weed and a little bit of cocaine
Just pushin rocks on the corner on a park bench
I made a lot of dollars but it didn't make cents
Its easy money cause the hogs are highly organized
One hit and a smoker stays hypnotized
They come again comin again and its a pity
'Cause now their all chinked out like blinky in new jack city
They try to quit but then the hitter calls them back
So they say don't come come near me no more
Don't come near me no more I don't want no crack
This smokin fantasy makes me feel irate
Sticky sesamea pipe may we love gonjie
So pass me the spliff and you know that I be token
I couldn't keep track of all the weed I'm smokin
They ask me will I quit I say you must be jokin
'Cause I'll be smokin till my funky brain is broken
And even then you know I still won't be the end
Cause me comin at you so hard you tell me please come again


Its been a long time comin so punks start runnin
And if you cross my line you bet your ass will be gunnin
I gonna rap hoes right next to the sewer
Call me brother black hip hop contersuer
Ground bracken fanatic Quban Asiatic
And if you want beef I'll give you asmastatic
A mover and a shaker big time a money maker
I'll make you follow me and I'm out of here later
Before I make and exit my microphone I check it
Then I put down the mic cause I'm microphone reckless
Now hold up just a second cause this is for the record
And when I swing my thing then all the honey girls get naked
Then its like my duty to grab some naked booty
But I always flash the latex when I'm sexin up a cutie
'Cause I'm the horny man the freakin reakin Mexican
And me comin at you so hard you say please come again


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