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Toumani Diabaté with Ballake Sissoko Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Te C-Jones

Fun fact: Celtic Harps were extensively used by Irish/Welsh Bards, and Koras were extensively used by Mande Griots.

Bards in Celtic Europe and Griots in West Africa share many similarities, with both be historic endogamous social castes of performers, musicians, social commentators, poets, oral storytellers, record keepers, genealogists, and court entertainers for medieval kingdoms.

Both often employed string instruments(the harp and kora) to accompany their speech or as part of their performances.

To me, hearing both of them together is just amazing!

Paul Thomas

@Te C-Jones no worries though it seem that that the harp that the welsh played before 17th century was different, they just like the triple harp from Italy and adapted it.

Te C-Jones

@Paul Thomas Thank you for the correction/clarification.

Paul Thomas

This is a welsh harp. The Irish harp is smaller. Though both had bards.

Tom Allen

Well observed. The Griot and Bard served similar functions in both cultures as guardians of tradition.

Hans Stok / NIPPER Amsterdam NL

WOW ! WAANZINNIG ! What an incredible perfect blend of two completely different instruments and worlds / cultures !

Monifa Miller Music

Yeeeesssss 4:00 that's when you're barely there and spirit is doing all the work for you ✨ Magic

Katsof Family

wow!!!! this should have millions of views. such a good jam

Naana Mora

Where can they be booked for live performances?. I’m loving this

Linda Johnson

I’m getting my whole life watching this brother jam!!! He’s putting his entire essence into his music, and I love it.

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