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What Shall I Do?
by Tramaine Hawkins

What shall I do
What step should I take
What move should I make
Oh Lord, what shall I do

I'm going to wait
For an answer from You
I have nothing to lose
Oh Lord, I'm going to wait

I know You'll come through
With a blessing for me
Please Lord set my soul free
Oh Lord, I know you'll come through

I can't live without Your help
I am weak all by myself
Lord please give me the strength I need
So I can possess eternal peace

[Choir: repeats]

No one else can calm my fears
God alone can wipe away my tears
Glory to the mighty king
In Jesus Christ I have everything

Oh there's no one like Jesus
Who can heal broken hearts
And put them back together again

What shall I do
What step should I take
What move should I make
Oh, Lord What shall I do

I'm going to wait
I know you'll come through

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Comments from YouTube:

Lystra Walcott

I've liked this song since the first time I heard it back in 1989...My mom used to cry every time it came on while she sang it.  It's not always easy having to wait, but when you do, and God delivers...hmmm....there's no better feeling in this world.

Tracyann Martin

I was born that year 🤗

Lavata Slaughter

But when we are going through, this is a great song to go through with. Seek God and He will give you the answer!

Lavata Slaughter

I know thats right! I STILL get weak when I hear this song.


Have u ever felt so depressed that u cannot even cry 😢?

mpilonhle ziqubu

@Lisa Mathis Amen to that, God bless you 🤝

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Danny Freeman

The person who wrote this song is a good friend of mine...Quincy Fielding, Jr.

Kim Knowles

Much recognition deserved.
Song evokes deep questioning.
Leads to great faith.
He will show up!


Just lost my wife in a head on collision after thirty six years of marriage,this song takes me back to my roots. Hurting so bad... "I know you'll come through"

Believe Mk

I hope you are goin on strong brother. May the Comforter comfort you always. You'll meet her again one of these fine days. And you'll both be eternal youths! Always keep hope alive in knowing that God keeps His promise

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