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Jesus of Mercedez + Bonus
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This is the ultimate "Okay, and?" moment...


He’s just asking a question he’s not trying to get her in a gotcha moment he’s genuinely asking because she joked about it the night before and a lot of people beside him were wondering


@@Monkforilla i don't think they were implying otherwise


I don't know guys


@@Monkforilla Although he is genuinely curious that does not change the fact that it's an inappropriate question that should not be asked in an interview with an entertainer. She's not even a pornstar (who still isn't obligated to answer). Her genitalia has nothing to do with how she performs. Irrelevant, unnecessary, and upsetting so she matched the vibe.


@@turtle_cat_thang802 Are you seriously talking about inappropriate vs appropriate when talking about Lady Gaga? This question is right down her alley. She's just easily offended and touchy about her body. If she doesn't want to answer questions, don't got to interviews.

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"my fans don't care, and NEITHER DO I" - priceless


But they do care. It's gross and wrong.


​@ShotgunChris2.0 your not a true fan.hermaphites are a mutation sure, but their natural.its a naturally occurring mutation.


@@ShotgunChris2.0nah cry about it but we dont gaf

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