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Journey To Skyhold
Trevor Morris Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Trevor Morris:

The Dawn Will Come Shadows fall And hope has fled. Steel your heart The dawn wi…

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Comments from YouTube:


Inky: Solas, what do your elf eyes see?
Solas: Skyhold.

Freezing Snow

I get that reference

Tanya Brady

Just recently been getting back into Inquisition! This music bring back so many memories!

hunter cook

I completely agree, hell this even brings back memories of setting up the Dragonkeep account to import. Still waiting for the sequel

Hari Jay

Just dont romance that damn egg he'll only give you a broken heart


was my favorite tune in the whole game.


"skyhold" *Solas inspects the inquisitor, the gravity of the event weighs on his mind



Necromorph 2000

Simply epic

Rivia Wolf Edits


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