Journey to Kattegat
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brian belton

No! A kattegat is a device, used to catch "your" house cats, assuming "it' won't listen, when you want to move "it/they" from one house to another! .. .People USE the Cattegat to catch "the non-listening family cat".. . There are far more around, than those who wish to admit. It's a safe, simple, & practical system, with food as the enticement, to get the CAT into the Kattegat. It works. "It" uses an un-sprung, and gently loaded purchase system, attached to a comfortable net, laid out on a flat yard, with an approx 6 to 1 gentle pulley/purchase system, mounted nearby. The Cattegat will safely catch any domestic or feral/ domestic house cat /population, and thereby be able to safely move your pets, to their new home. Don't resort to a Pit-Bull or any inhumane alternative.



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