What's Done
Trey Anastasio Lyrics

What′s done is done
Can't be undone

Undo what′s done
To make what's new

What's to be today
What the last one knew

What′s Done
And make what′s new
What's to be today
What the last one knew

(Oh... what′s done)
Sing... to be.

Writer(s): Trey Anastasio

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Comments from YouTube:

James Campbell

I love this!!! Trey is the man!

Alski ski

great song! jedi trey is the man! Im glad certain people dont like his music or phish! They dont understand how it can make you feel so alive! and 1 song can change a day into a great day! I wish i had the power with a guitar...maybe one day! But those fools who dont dig it...well dont give a fuck more for all the other cool people out there


i agree! and thanks for checkin it out! always good to see people appreciate good music!

Rev. Cory J. Peterson

Why cant we have access to the 'Bar 17' & '18 Steps' albums on any of the accessible music sites?.. It's tearing me apart @ this point! I used to own both albums on cd, material things disappear with time.. they get lost, stolen, misplaced, misused, missed, etc. .
I'm so ready to hear Phish brake off a (slower than origonal) version of Trey Anastasio`s `LOW' !!!!

Mooseasaurus Rex

I'm kinda surprised Phish hasn't done this yet hah

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