Frozen Lake
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She bleached her hair that winter
and bought only white clothes
said it brought her closerto the angels inside her
Down by the frozen lake we sat quiet for an hour
we were so scared so cold our skins were turning blue

Down by the frozen lake we lost our innocence
inch by inch we fell down by
The frozen lake

She grabbed the kitchen knife

we lifted from the market

Overall Meaning

The lyrics in Tribeca's song "Frozen Lake" are rich with symbolism and emotion. The singer describes a setting that is cold and quiet, with a frozen lake in the foreground. The opening lines reveal a change in the singer's appearance - she has bleached her hair and bought only white clothes. This suggests a desire to be pure and perhaps a need to distance herself from her past. She claims that this new look brings her closer to the angels inside her, which could suggest a need for spiritual connection or protection.

In the next verse, the singer reveals that she is not alone. She is sitting with someone down by the frozen lake, and they are both scared and cold. The imagery of their skins turning blue is chilling and emphasizes the surrounding environment's harshness. The line "we lost our innocence" suggests that they are grappling with something traumatic, and they are struggling to hold onto their innocence or purity. As they sit by the frozen lake, they seem to be inching closer to a dark and unknown place.

The final lines of the song are perhaps the most unnerving. The singer grabs a kitchen knife that they lifted from the market, and her intentions are unclear. It is unclear whether this person is a threat to herself or someone else. The use of the knife as a symbol is potent, and it adds to the sense of danger and desperation that is present throughout the song.

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