Trouble Lyrics

Time grows dimmer as we run
From the little revelency bore
To ride on a visionary wing
Whose shadow fall before
The light shines from the tree
To hide my skulls depression
Let me keep inside your head
All my frustration
Like a spell upon my soul
The hours flow gently by
Seem as through the answers are
Obscured by the sky
The stars just make me wonder
Of birds forever flown
I tempt the waters from my bed
To find my way back home
It's time to breathe
Breathe with you
I wanna believe
Believe in me
So I can feel
Feel the sun
Touch me I'm here
Here beneath the tree

[repeat 1st verse]

[repeat chorus]

Contributed by Logan H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Definately some hot underrated shit here from Trouble. Dark, gloomy, grinding metal. Didn't get the attention it deserves and still doesn't!.


This is one of my favorite Trouble songs. It sounds so much like Jerry Cantrell wrote it. LOL


Glorious! \m/

Arlison Mao

Amazing! The very best!


Without the dope?

Roger F

So, I was drug there. By a drug.

Roger F

Do we call a drug a drug, because it dragged(drug) you down? just kidding

Roger F

ampswithfans grunge was written slower and lower, like dragging your finger on a record to slow it down. I guess its a drug thing?

doug ryan

don't be jealous

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