Tsatthoggua, Angel of the universe: We need your help!

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Angel of the universe
by Tsatthoggua

Hate and pain for the fall
Time has come for the god in blood
There is no life nor death
Only terror, the answers axe

Flesh for pain
Blood is the pleasure of soul

There was no Heiland
Never the fall of light
Awake ! From the ashes of fall
Aware the symbol, ours bringer of light

Flesh for pain
Blood is the pleasure of soul

Close the portals of Eden
For I am your Heiland and angel
Satan they shouted my name
Follow eternally, children of space

Burning the stakes of the elder place
Where we fought to pray on the sign
From perception, never to pray
Close all the portal of Eden
For I was your Heiland, Angel of space

[written May 1997 by NorthWind]

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