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by Twiddle

I did a shuffle down the stairs
Then I skipped to the zoo
I had to visit with a friend they called frankenfoote
He hated all the workers and all the people too
He trusted only I and only I could bring him food
He hopped just like a rabbit more like a kangaroo
And he ate just like a lion does and all the tigers do
And at night before he goes to sleep he likes a shot or two
Of sour milk from some birds bill to fill his belly full

Frankenfootes all alone (lone lone lone)
Taken from friends and his home (home home home)
Frankenfoote needs to be free (free free free)
The last one of his kind what cant you see (see see see)

I walked into his big cage and much to my surprise
I saw frankie drawing pictures about his former life
He had three little babies a house and a wife
Stripped from him for a fat man's grin and public delight
He ate up all the meat I brought in one big bite
Than I combed his luscious main and locked his roots up tight
I listened to him sing about his first big flight
Until our time was up when the sun come up the night turned light


He sharpened up his big claws to start off every day
Then he went for a short jog to keep himself in shape
And when no one was looking he clawed at the gate
Coz soon enough the lock would bust and he could leave that place
I got to the zoo about a quarter past eight
All the guards were in a frenzy Something got away
I looked a little further to frankie's cage
That's when I knew what was up the lock had bust my friend had escaped

Frankenfootes going home (home home home)
Leaving that zoo all alone (lone lone lone)
Frankenfoote is finally free (free free free)
The only thing I hope is he remembers me (me me me)

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