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Amythologic Edits

“An entertainer gives people what they wanted… an artist give people what they didn’t know they wanted!”  Josh Groban

a mail box

@meh thanks 😊 much


amazing quote. i actually met him in person a few times, he's a really jovial guy, but I didn't know he was that cool. I probably won't meet him for a very long time, if at all, but I'd love to talk to him about art for a little bit :)

thanks for this comment


I drove around Manhattan at about midnight with this song on. Best experience of my life.

Mansão Cortes

this is so beautiful even i can't explain how a human can compose it, a mix of melancholy and amazing feeling, the opposites are attracted by each other and flowing in the same direction


Tycho simply sounds amazing. Pure magic for the ears.

I am a huge fan of his music, and Tycho is a big influence on my style of song writing. If you guys want to hear it, just visit my channel where I have uploaded my first song. Thanks in advance !

Double CoolBeans

No words needed. The music speaks for itself. When I need to have a good long think to myself, I listen to Tycho and.. just dwell on what could be and could have been.

Jonathan B

Imagine one cold winter in the middle of the night looking up to the clear sky full of stars while drinking a full cup of hot chocolate... Dayum.


@Chocolate Chocolate its been 1 year damn


@Chocolate Chocolate well this is my old account

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