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Tycho is like a gentle massage for the soul.

Matheus Lima

This is like a dream you would never want to wake up from

zac cincinelli

Looks like I'd wake up with a really dry mouth

Dale Ryder

Especially with the chickas in it. Dream on....


For Drugs Only


Found this while googling Tyco racing tracks with my dad, he said it reminded him of Pink Floyd and Camel and artists with similar soundscapes. Great stuff!

Tactical sweater

This is beyond pink Floyd.

Mirosław Gut

Muzyka, która posiada zapach, kolor i smak....po prostu i już

szym oum

Mirosław Gut potwierdzam

Marco Albuquerque

I love the warmth feeling of your designs. This is also perceivable in the video, brilliantly transposed to a different form of communication. But you can still feel it. And it beautifully matches the music. Your music makes me travel right from my room desk. I guess I'm not the only having this imersion experience.

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