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Tycho Lyrics

We attempt to it
Modern civilization stems
From placing seeds in the ground

Writer(s): Scott Hansen Copyright: The Ghostly International

Contributed by Bailey S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Aun Collective

I'm 9 months late, but hopefully not too late. I'll skim through our albums collection and see what artists I can find..

- Boards of Canada and the ambient works of Aphex Twin come to mind first.
- Nightmares on Wax - have more of a funk and soul sound to them
- If you also enjoy Brian Eno (from another suggestion), I omitted a lot of possibilities given they seemed too divergent from Tycho. Let me know and I'll add those to this list.
- Prefuse 73 has a lot of interesting stuff

And a dump of artists and specific albums:
3y3s Op3n - Tryptamine Dream
Ashra - New Age of Earth (1976)
cEvin Key
Christmas Decorations
Clocolan - It's Not Too Early for Each Other (2019)
Cremation Lily - The Currents Mislead (2016)
Croation Amor
desert sand feels warm at night
The Elf Machine & Vlr Unis - Tokyo Highway
Eno Moebius Roedelius Plank - Begegnungen
Fernando Kabusacki
Loris S Sarid - Music for Tomato Plants
Marco Madia - Music for Plants
Soshi Takeda
Vostok Setras

By no means a comprehensive list, but it's what I came up with going through the albums I have on this computer specifically. Should be something there to your liking.

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Michael Rinkle

explored all tycho's albums today while coding, I'm buying the whole set next friday! One of the best electronic artists ever!

- XeL -(Check My Musics)

there are tons of specific concentration focus music , like this but even more hypnotising into concentration

Palmer Eldritch_666

Interestingly, they're more hybrid than electronic. As much a rock band as electronic, IMHO, even though it doesn't really sound like it...


so glad to find out you code! :)))

Jan Hundling

tycho makes great coding music

Joe Mec

Used to design to this music back in the days. got some sick layout out of it

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Daniel Morais

Eu amo tanto esse albúm!!! Muito obrigado, Tycho!!!!

Leonardo Daniel

Una verdadera obra de arte! Saludos desde México :) I love music of Tycho <3

Jason Gravely

One of my best psychedelic experiences involved this and Past is Prologue on repeat...just today noticed there are 4 more tracks on here but at the time thought I was hearing the songs remixed in my own mind. It all makes sense now hahaha


Tycho simply sounds amazing. Pure magic for the ears.

I am a huge fan of his music, and Tycho is a big influence on my style of song writing. If you guys want to hear it, just visit my channel where I have uploaded my first song. Thanks in advance !

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