Only Help!
Tye Tribbett Lyrics

I can almost tell you each time I'm gonna fall
Devil always paint the same picture, sweet frame and all
I wanna change
And you would think by now I'd catch the scenario
Sorta like a old sitcom playing the same show
I wanna change
I'm sick of my own ways
End up in the same place
Gotta set my affection
For my own protection
I can't go on the same way Lord so

I lift my hands to you
You're my only help

I'm sick of living life so predictable, yes I know
I'm saved but sometimes I get really comfortable, Oh Lord
I wanna change
I'm sick of all the ups and downs I want consistency
Tired of all the shaky ground give me stability, Oh Lord
I wanna change
I cast out all pronography uproot that thing up out of me
Devil you no longer have any control over me
While I bare adultery
Looking at my sister lustfully
In Jesus' name you gotta leave, Lord

I lift my hands to you
You're my only help

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Comments from YouTube:

Nene Hall

it seems you alway hear the wright song or message when its most needed... thank you Lord

Donald Tapfuma

Awesome track!! The lyrics are so sincere and real. Its been on repeat in my lab for hours.. God is so good, Christ really is my only help..

Explicitly Yours

I already had been playing this song & allowing it to minister to me every since Monday & then I get to church & during bible study my pastor is preaching on change. The Holy Spirit is always on one accord! This song is so deep! I love the ministry!!

Tanisha Watson

I just love all his music God bless him and cover him. God is my only help that's who I turn to every time and he comes right on time amen




I feel the sincerity in his voice...

Brandy Hendrix

itsGodsgift yes


this song makes me want to cry...I'm kinda hurting rightnow because I want to change..I hate feeling this way..sometimes I wish I could just lie to myself and pretend so I can make myself feel better..but I won't lie..I just want to change my heart soul thoughts mind and that Jesus will be happy with me..I know what the bible says but sometimes it just still hurts...

King Joe ENT

the beauty about Jesus is he knows exactly how you feel and even when you cant find the words to say to him, he knows exactly what you wanna say. A broken spirit and a contrite heart is nothing but an alleyway for Jesus to come in and give you that peace, deliverance & so much more that we all so desperately need! Jesus is our best option, any other option is just temporary satisfaction that leads to destruction. Stay with God, keep reaching for him, because that change is happening because you're reaching for him , one step at a time.

Brandy Hendrix

My testimony, tears come to my eyes because I’ve been praying for change for a long time this is conformation, it’s on repeat this song does something to me Jesus I love you sooooo much, thank you for your help even though I don’t deserve it 🙏🏾💕🙏🏾💕😇

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