Stand Out
Tye Tribbett Lyrics

When the enemy comes in like a flood,
The spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him.
I see the enemy coming in like a flood
In our houses, in our churches, in our families.
But what I don't see is the standard.
People of God where's the standard at?
We in a war y'all. It's time to stand OUT!

It's about to go down. The battle has begun.
It's time for you to choose, whose side you gonna be on.
The devil is recruiting, temptin' every man.
But he's already defeated, all we have to do is stand.
No time for mixing light with the darkness.
Be black or be white, no more shades of gray.
Be separated, be holy, no matter what you do, don't bow.
And even if you stand alone, stand anyhow.

Rise up!

Rise up people, put on your strength.
There's a war going on and we will win.
Stand up and fight, let the kingdom prevail.
With power and might, we will stand out.

Stand out!
Stand out!
Be not conformed to this world.
Stand out!
Be transformed, renew your mind.
Stand out!
Just like the three Hebrew boys,
Stand out!

God is playin' it cool, don't wanna rub nobody the wrong way.
Almost like we're trying to fit in. Acting like we don't know the name.
It's time for us to stand out and go against the grain.
Forget tryin' to be down, let the world know you've been changed.
How you gonna be the praise leader? But you listen to R & B?
And hip-hop is on your ringtone. I'm trynna tell you God ain't pleased.
And since when did it become cool for you to live together unmarried?
Men with men?
Women with women?
I'm tellin you God ain't gon' have it.

Rise up people, put on your strength.
There's a war going on and we will win.
Stand up and fight, let the kingdom prevail.
With power and might, we will stand out.

It's time to recognize.
The war it's in disguise.
No time for compromise.
Wake up open your eyes.
The devil is a LIE!
You must be hot or cold.
You can't blend in the crowd.
It's time for God's people ta -
Stand Out!

Let me hear your war cry!
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Let me hear your war cry!
Ooh! (Let's Stand Out!) Ooh! (Let's Stand Out!) Ooh!

Little bit louder.
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

One more time!
Ooh! (Cry out loud!) Ooh! (Stand out!) Ooh!


We in a war people of God.
You don't have to fight, all you gotta do is stand.
Make some noise G.A.!
Having done all to stand...
Now stand people of God!
If you gonna stand out with us... SCREAM!

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Comments from YouTube:

Storyteller Poet

I have chosen Jesus! I choose to live for Jesus, suffer for Jesus, and die for Jesus. I love him that much! Thank you, Jesus for being my Savior! 😍😇

LottaBANZ Akeyz


LottaBANZ Akeyz

Amen 🙏🏽 thank you

Psalms73:1 The Daughter of Sarah

No need to die, Christ did that already for his Nation of people The Israelites, so they can be a living Sacrafice to live for him by being obedient to his word by keeping all over 650+ commandments throughout the Holy Bible (Romans 12:1/Ecclesiastes 12:13) for its a commandment of God to Fear him because you know what the Creator is able to do to you in the flesh and in hell after death destroying your soul.

James Dubose

You will die for Jesus, you're suppose to live for God. Death is not what he intended for you.

Jesus is not your God.

Candice VS. Candice


YESSSUH !!!!!!!!

Sharnessa Whitehead

Yesssssss honey yessssss

Heavyn Collins

LETS STAND OUT!! It’s time to recognize that the war is in disguise and we need to fight for the Lord! 💪🏾👊🏾🤜🏾👍🏾


+Candice VS. Candice Amen. Hallelujah!

Brown skin_ Girl

“Even if you stand alone.. still stand.” 🙌🏽.. because God is with you

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