U-God Lyrics

I'm sorry, Jenny, I made you cry, I tried
I'm sorry, Jenny, all the pain inside, I lied
I'm sorry, Jenny, I made you cry, I tried
I'm sorry, Jenny, for all the pain inside...

We started as friends, you had a boyfriend
I took you from your man, that's the way we began
I didn't think it would come back to me in the end
That wasn't part of the plan, you had my heart in your hands
I guess broken wings, are hard on a man
You ran back to scrams, had me stuck in a jam
I didn't understand, where we went wrong
I tried to block you out, but you call on the phone
I want to, bad to the bone, all to myself, all alone
You sighed on the line, then I heard a dial tone


Yo, I stayed up so late, just, thinking of you
I wish that I can take back, all the pain we been through
On the path by myself, my back's on the wall
Sometimes I want that I shouldn't have met you at all
I told you if you just, leave the man you was with
I'll take you back in my life, and we'll seek happiness
Then you finally did, I took your heart for a ride
I didn't tell how, I had a chick on the side
It's been a couple of months, in this triangle of love
I didn't realize, she was the one that I want


Now was I young, was I dumb? Was I wrong?
I had thought we had a special bond
Come back, run, come back, run
I thought we was tight as a blood
What is love? What is love?


Written by: JANIS IAN

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Love ue . Not crazy bout this album but this track is top notch krusty love song ! Love .

Guy de Macedo

haha this is so bad it actually makes me piss myself laughin, how was this guy in the wu, how???? terrible, just terrible


U God u still my Naga & I'll co-sign anyday......but u whilin on this joint bruh

Swarv 84



u god = beast mode


This got a 80's feel of like a 90's freestyle music feel.

Shen Agüeybaná II

OK Uey lay off the coke.


I fugs with this song.


u god is the king peace from germay wu is the life, tang is the slang and the clan is the family

Mike Howard

KingBaluMalu Peace from the U.S.A. One nation under the Wu !

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