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supa nigga
by U-God

[Chorus: U-God]
You won't, you won't, you won't slick
Fly shit, let a supa nigga rip
You want, you want, the music
Them hits, let a supa nigga rip
Can I, can I, can I live
Can I live, let a supa nigga rip
Them hits, you make, you ain't shit
Stop trick, let a supa nigga rip

My sideburns resemble supa fly O'Neal
Dust off the rocks, pop the bluesteele
Shoot for thrills, drive the big wheels
My waterbeds, wavy ladies, tell me how it feels
There he go, in came the wind
The sudden fragrance, was like Angel for men
Out the gold carriage, the doo rags chief
When you see him go, rose peddles on his feet
The man you can trust, the man with thrust
Every jam I bust, is somethin' fan-tabulous
These scandalous streets, the way that I spill this
Make cold hearted people bump, triggermen feel this


I sit back like the Mack, sip my yak
Watch the dough stack, go explosive on the track
Heavy dosage, react blinded, stay on some hungry
The money don't make the man, the man make the money
Poison, bad men, hoes and all the honeys
Noise in the attic, boy, you can't run from me
The gun runner, funky drummer, number one stunner
Breeze through in the hummer, crush a G.Q. cover
It's prime-time, hit the mic like James Brown and hover
The same time I smother, bring down the thunder
The fighter, the lover, understand my pen
We rep on record and we stand like men
Yes I stand like ten, friends with boulder ends
Fresh out the pen, drop cars from Motor Trend
Yes it's him, swinger, rings on every finger
Ladies in the hallway sayin' "Sing for me singer", it's


It's 2002 and my, gun is a laser
My, mind is my castle and my, tongue is a razor
Renegade favor hollow, fast on the phase
Trailblazin' kids still, fast with his blades
Leather, recliner seats, designer shades
Zero to ninety, dippin' down the highways
Yellin' out the window, I should of did it my way
A Friday high day, cape in the wind
The ex-gun slinger's done, came through again
The missin' link consist of sting, see me with dime pieces
Three at a time pleaser, Remy red lime squeezer
Fine creature, nice to meet you Golden
That super bad brother, that muthafucka holdin'
You heard, now


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