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U.M.A Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by U.M.A:

Don't you And you know, chea, and you know Chea, get the money,…
PAIN I've been goin through so much pain (yea) Can't no motherfu…
Stand Up I gotta stand up and take a step You and I…
tears Church bells toll Thunder roars around me I've been warned t…

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Comments from YouTube:

Lupus67 Remus

"Ciri trusted him, so we should at least take his word Ciriously..." Vesemir, 1348, Kaer Morhen.

Foster C

Geralt: you can’t ciriously have thunk it vesemir...


@Sister Mary Wormhorn I bet he is lol

Sister Mary Wormhorn

You proud of yourself? You proud saying that?

robin dabank

@Halohouseboy couldnt you atleast be a little less true? XD

Lord Of Chimichangas!!!

@Mr. Fahrenheit ACSHAOLEE*

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Some random person

"aww poor Uma" Turns into Avallac'h "eh nvm he probably deserved it"


Some random person I mean canonically he’s about as tall as Eredin- probably made himself shorter. A 2m tall, masked man walking around Velen would be suspicious.

Some random person

Fox Wilder and also how short he is compared to the rest of the aen elle lol


Yeah well funny shit. A tall pretty Aen Elle, turned into an ugly mutant. Surprised no one talked about it in game.

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