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Don't you And you know, chea, and you know Chea, get the money,…
PAIN I've been goin through so much pain (yea) Can't no motherfu…
Stand Up 我们交清 不需要谁来证明 不会忘记 那一段一起走的路 决对不认输 不走回头路 还能保持风度 就算扛着很多的包袱 …
tears Church bells toll Thunder roars around me I've been warned t…

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Comments from YouTube:

Alexis Rodríguez

Actualmente estoy luchando contra el cáncer y otras enfermedades y este video fue de enorme bendición. Dios te bendiga, Chris Powers.

Viktor Olfert

...sweet name of Jesus, Immanuel, Savior, Messiah, Son of man, Son of God, Holy and Anointed One, Good Shepherd, Great High Priest, Servant King, Prince of Peace, Bread of Life, Living Water, He is the Way, the Truth, the Life, Light of the World, Beginning and the End, Lily of the Valley, My Truest Friend, Mighty Lion, Humble Lamb, Risen Lord, The Great "I AM"

Viviene Tiu

Always makes me cry


mine too


That's my favorite part 😆

Steven Bestgen

I really believe that these animations are so God glorifying. They take the focus off people performing songs and cause me to focus my attention on Jesus. Thank you all for your hard work to create these animations. Christ is so magnified in my heart because of the words and the visual display of His sacrifice. 

Agatha dos Santos Pereira de Toledo

Só tenho uma coisa a dizer em inglês: beautiful ❤😭🙏
Não tem como não me emocionar, a letra, a arte, a palavra, a criação desse vídeo. Eu me sinto como ela. A primeira vez que ouvi 2017 estava internada no hospital tratando Leucemia. Hoje ainda faço tratamento, não mais internada... já estou curada. Mas ainda me vejo ali, sempre confiando em Jesus😍


idky but every single time i watch this, i tear up.....

Onlyperfect WhenHecomes

The goodness of God Ardicus, the goodness of God.


Christ is so lovely. Beyond lovely. Altogether lovely. 

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