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Delayed Recon Cadence Count
U.S. Marines Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by U.S. Marines:

1 I gave you all I gave you everything My true desire But what…
1 2 3 4 United States Marine Corps! Ah put me up (Ah put me up) Don't let me down (Don't…
Don And you know, chea, and you know Chea, get the money,…
Hey Attention all America! Here we come Without fear it's the, …
If I Die And if I die, you know I gave it my…
Mama Ask yo mama! Ask your mama She know, she used to do…
Mile Ten Let's Do It Again You know how good it can be, if I took…
Pt! Gimme Some! ""Down and out into the pit I lay This witch…
Run Me You gotta run to me Uuh can't you see You…
Run Me Run Me Run Me You gotta run to me Uuh can't you see You…
Up In The Morning Up In Smoke [R.E.U.] Well if you know what it's like a…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jonathan Vee

We need new Marines, do not hate; he is keeping the Marine Corps alive.


They're joining whether hes doing cadences or not, they all have poolie shirts on.

In The Shadows

I love this cadence as well as the "A one, two, three..., four... Marine Corps!" Yeaaaa that ones the shit too. Lol


What a bunch of shower shoes

Adriana Alvarez

Go back to Mommy...🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

Phil Radder

Shut up POGS. Enjoy the videos and move out of your mother’s basements

funkyshnelpu jr

WalnutMantis Nah man, they don't rate

Colton Jones

Semper Fi


Colton Jones Do or Die

Jose Ramirez

I love being a poolee I leave August 10th San Diego

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