U.S. Marines Lyrics

Attention all America! Here we come
Without fear it's the, UMC's
RNS kick the, reply to the man who said
We couldn't do it
Well we started like slow, see
Before I was able to give blows of three
My man Tone couldn't get shows for me
But that's alright cause we're here now; we're here now
From the first to the last of the elements included
I'm a flip it wiser, meaning with the prudent
Recollection of my naan lawyer brother and kids
Here's an example of what smotherin did
I was supposed to supposed to end up
Without a harvest but the crew spore finally
Of natural cause of course
Now when you hear the name U man, ask yourself who can
Duck a traitor kind of fast and easily?
Flush all the haters in the path that seems to be
Not another in this dimension
I'm on the third y'all, and I'd like to mention

"Hey hey hey" "Here we go, here we go"

Okay I huff and puff, confirmin Kim is rough
You try that puffin stuff, hell I had enough
Sometimes I've come and gone
I hear my old adversaries and they're singin my song
Hey-a hi-a hey-a hey
I wish and pray they'd stay, stay the hell away
Away away, dead upon the shores of the Staten
Cause of cause of Kim, that first started rappin
A new style, a true style, a style of the new year
They, diss me too but now they sweat me anew
I flow with Hasim Kwan I'm gonna flip kung-fu
And flip my style and start to flow Tang-Wu
Little boy blue come blow my horn
You had a chance to beat out but now your chance is gone
True you knew me when I wasn't all that
But you dissed me in fact, behind my back
So now my mark is set and I'm set to attack
I flow the facts, and here's the exact

I took a punch from school and got an easy diploma
All the boys and girls said "Kim your life is over"
Even my lady girl held her part
Said I was a zero and it broke my heart
Cunnin are the actions of the few who dissed the U
(Try to blow us over with the compliments)
Too many complications have arisen from the fact
That you thought Kim was whack, way way back
But now ain't then and things ain't always what they seem

Yeah, I know what you mean
Like push, push, in the bush
It's a free-for-all says that girl from where?
Free for all the full, members of the U
Dear you never came around where we were in fact
Now that we're live and the stage is the scene
Song generated to it's greatest potential
I think back to 1989
"You can't rhyme~! " Get the gills you little slime
Slug you get on out cause
{"I don't love you"} I got one for that
What was the moral of this fat episode?
Doubt me, I'm not the one
I'm not the one, I'm not the one for that
No I'm not, oh no I'm not


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Mason VanCamp

Respect u for all of ur video and work u put into then

Tribute Hero

Mason VanCamp thx so much. It means a lot to me


Allied for Life❤️
-Greetings from the UK


I always wanted to be a surgeon but I might become a marine, They put their lives on the line for us and I believe that is the path I want to take, not to be a hero but to fight for my loved ones. Any marines reading this, Thank you for your service and for putting your life on the line for all of us. God bless the Marines, The military, and the United States of America. SEMPER FI!!

Rogue Jacoby

DeathTheKid be a navy corpsman, they are also known as “medics” but they work for the marines since they don’t have their own


Eric Muenks don’t care

Eric Muenks

@Ayitiana he can be whatever he wants i want to be a Marine to


DeathTheKid be a surgeon

Samuel Harding

I’m going to become a marine when I graduate high school I’m I know it sounds crazy but I’d actually want to be infantry cause I want to fight on the front lines cause I find myself to be a very selfless person and I’d rather sacrifice for my life for all my friends I know now to be able to live a comfortable life

Arthur 737


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