Østenfor sol og vestenfor maane
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Østenfor Sol og vestenfor Måne
Dit kommer du sent eller aldri
Til Verdens Ende bærer det

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Ulver's song "Østenfor Sol og vestenfor Måne" are cryptic and filled with symbolism, making it difficult to derive a straightforward meaning. The title itself refers to an old Scandinavian fairy tale about a man who journeys to the ends of the earth, both east and west, to find his true love. The lyrics suggest a similar journey, with the singer addressing someone who is either arriving late or may never arrive at all. The phrase "Til Verdens Ende bærer det" (translating to "It carries to the end of the world") may refer to the location of the singer's destination or the nature of the journey itself, implying that it is an impossible task.

The song's haunting melody and ethereal vocals add to the sense of otherworldliness and mystery. The use of traditional Scandinavian instruments such as the Hardanger fiddle and the bukkehorn (a type of goat horn) further evoke the folkloric elements of the tale. While the exact meaning of the lyrics may remain elusive, the song's dreamlike quality and folkloric references create a sense of mythology and fantasy that draws the listener in.

Line by Line Meaning

Østenfor Sol og vestenfor Måne
To the East of the Sun and to the West of the Moon

Dit kommer du sent eller aldri
You will arrive there late or never

Til Verdens Ende bærer det
It leads to the end of the world

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Idk why people hate this album, this song alone is so soothing.


Who hates this album? lol


this is one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard. anyone who doesn't like black metal should listen to this. This is very palatable.


I love this album ❤

jimmy juses bars

rightly so, so good


I have been coming back to this at least once a month for the last 10 years, and in all that time I never commented.

I absolutely love this song, and even if it inspires feelings of sadness and loss, I'm still very fond of it.


i love this album in entirety, but this song is one of my favorites. can you translate the lyrics?

Anisley Gil


It's the money or stop

The melodies are beautiful


Just tattooed my arms with this dirge. Best offering this forty year old woman could give of herself to the Gods.

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