Capitel III : Graablick Blev Hun Vaer
Ulver Lyrics

Langveysfra blifver hun iagttagen
Øine, mange Graablick
Medens Maanen tavst glider
"Eg merkje kalde Øyne
Kva er eg vár - maa være snar
Før Trolldomskraft med Makt meg tar"
Øine holder hende endnu
Seer fra nysgierrig Fjærnhed
Norsk Nat iiser
Naar Lyd lig hylende Varg sætter
Torden ruller
(Angsten blusser)
Verden er Sneen
- stille
Alleene hun aander
Hierteslag banker
Blodet iisner i Aarene
De Underjordiske:
"Sorrigens Kilde hviler
Paa de torneklædte Træer
Hun er saa vacker een Dyd
Hendes Drøm Solspell indvier"
Paa disse hvide Kinder
Paa denne smiilforladte Mund
Taarerne i Elver strømmer
Naar Verden er i Blund

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Comments from YouTube:

Hrnek Bezucha

This album is so fucking genius


Revisiting tonight 👺🐎 Total madness 🐽

Chittering Noises

That thunder crack at 2:07 gives me a fright every time I listen to this song, without fail. XD

Heinous Jester

Same here. I don't mean to offend anyone, but not burzum, not anyonen has done something like this album. There are people from eastern EU and DJs that I know who kind of did what Varg did a long time ago, but Ulver.... It's a pity they consider their early work BAD, and moved on to other kinds of music


they were just teenagers when they recorded this. quite impressive


Everyday I learn more and more bands like this one. Thanks

Hoor Nii

So beauty yet haunting, timeless classic.. Inspiring!

Heinous Jester

Translate the story. The whole album is one single story. GOOGLE MAGIC :P


Probably one of the greatest songs of all time! \m/


Wolfgaze sound's awesome, I can get behind this.

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