Ulver Lyrics

Call the police
Radio paranoia

All is over
Under the skies

Nothing is working
For god's sake

Can you help me ?
We are alone

Over and out
Of control

The dead bodies
The world white

Truth is a hospital

Please be patient
Hold the line


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Comments from YouTube:

c l

Thank you for posting these Videos up. They have helped me alot. The videos that I love the most are the ones where you are interacting with a real classroom of students. You are much slower and repeat things which is something that helps me retain the information much better. Thanks again Professor!


The classroom has real benefits as you mentioned, not everyone learns the same so I am glad it is helpful.

Sam Jones

Awesome video! Great educational supplement. Thank you for making understanding switches easy! Keep Em' Coming!


Thanks, will do!


One thing to clarify (and you may have in other videos)... the VLAN ID is 12bits, so there are 4096 possible numbers [0-4095]. However, zero is reserved for "no vlan" -- used for 802.1p priority tagging. Many other switches also reserve some of the high order IDs for internal purposes -- vmware treats 4095 as "all vlans", Nortel's STP uses 4000-4007 for each instance (and they're reserved when you aren't run NSTP), Cisco still reserves a few in the 1000's for protocol translation for tech that hasn't existed for years (FDDI and token-ring), etc. Also, most switches don't support using all 4k vlans at the same time -- eg. HP Procurve is 16 by default, 256 max.

If you run away from anywhere with thousands of vlans, you'll be excluding yourself from many ISP and datacenter jobs. But yes, a single switch with thousands of vlans will be a nightmare. (VXLAN was designed because 12bits were too small.)


Thank you for the comment and information, we appreciate our viewers input and comments. It makes the channel stronger!

Alejandro Sastre

Just joined your channel and found it very clear and useful. Do you have any videos about on onsite Server vs AWS or other cloud services?


There are many good resources on both of those subjects so I try and keep working on areas that are not well covered.

John Senchak

You mentioned the word "trunking" ( trunk) I learned that word from my time working at Tie Communication in the early nineties Basically connecting a dedicated phone line from a PBX mainframe to the telcom switch on the central office.


John, great point! Much of the technology and terminology we often use in networking came from our co-workers in telecom.

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