Shadows of the Sun
Ulver Lyrics

The shadows
Shadows of the dead
In the silence

In the night
Close your eyes
And see the stars

The shadows...
The shadows and tremors
Of the sun

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This album is incredible at night time and sunset with it's funeral like somberness, but what surprised me is how lovely it also is in the morning; on cold, grey or wet days before sunrise, it kind of takes the place of soft cafe jazz, with it's soft warm edges, and dark cozy atmosphere- the dark fragmented aspects also keep it intellectually interesting, and keep it from becoming flat

a true scotsman uth

Ulver is seriously becoming my favorite band ever. My favorite album of theirs is bergtatt, but even then their dark-ambient stuff is incredible. I slightly prefer their black metal stuff more, but if they continue down the road of dark ambiance, i honestly don't mind and i will be in line, ready to buy their next album.

Hugo Østebø

One of the best albums made, EVER

Moshlem 666

... 🤘 🇸🇯



Paul Larsen




Dustin Schwartz


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Gianni Della Cioppa

Ulver: from black metal to experimental music.

Galo Sniper

@Layne Giese the first three are atmospheric Black Metal, so its verry folky and melodic

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