The Voice of the Devil Plate 4
Ulver Lyrics

[plate 4]
all bibles or sacred codes have been the causes of the following errors:
1. that man has two real existing principles: viz: a body & a soul
2. that energy call'd evil is alone from the body,& that reason,
call'd good, is alone from the soul.
3. that god will torment man in eternity for following his energies.
but following contraries to these are true:
1. man has no body distinct from his soul; for that call'd body is a portion
of soul discern'd by the five senses, the chief inlets of soul in this age.
2. energy is the only life and is from the body
and reason is the bound and outward circumference of energy.
3. energy is eternal delight.

Contributed by Lauren H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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They utterly nailed it - energy is eternal delight. When it kicks in I always get such a rush of energy, every time, you can't help almost giving this song a freaking standing ovation. Ulver are masters!

Jörg Deifuß

I love this album.... another unique masterpiece


Zajebioza. Płyta bomba !!

Nikolas De Giorgis

Best song from the album! Simply amazing! Garm incredible genius!


Takes me back to hearing this for the first time in Norway and being blown away by it, a couple of real black metal fans played it for me and I was just struck by its genius, what a perfect interpretation of the poem.

Carlos Pinto

This is not metal,but I love it!This is music for the stations before and after sleep.Headphones and darkness recommended...


William blake already has. I dont think this album will change that much even though ulver is often great.

Anjo desconhecido efeito virtual

Very good, i am felling a high voltage

meh tism

I'v been listening to shadows of the sun too much; the start of this song played and I thought 'thic can't be Ulver, it sounds happy'

Luis Quinzá Gil

Thanx Ulver!!

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