Wolf & The Moon
Ulver Lyrics

I dende N¦tters Nat
Der hun hafvde bes¦ttende Glèd,
Bar bleege Stjerner i sit Skièd,
Hylder han hende med een Sang

Dende Lidenskabens Hymne
Vidner om det Baand
Som nu inv¦lder
Natten in hand Aand
NÂ¥r Stjernerne varsler Grye
Mod to-hornet Sèlvmaanenye
Oc Soelen stiiger frem
Lig een Flamme, ski¦r & reen
Som fra Faedres Offerbaal -

Ustyrlig er da hans Sind!
Ski¦nk kam saa nyt Lius aff dit Skin,
Du, Satans Soel,

Saa han kand jage tol Bestandighed
Regi¦re, i kold,
Ufattbar Mayestet

Possesivelie She upon him shone
Adorned with dimme stars
In this Night of Nights
He hailes Her with a song

This hymne of Passion
Reminding of the Bond
Between him and the Night
As they melt into one

When dawn draws near
And the Sunne ascendes
Like a flame bright & pure
From the bonfires of heretics

Ecstatick, then, his Mind!
Grant him thus Light anew,
Thou, Sunne of Satan

So that he shall reigne
Through infinite
In colde, inconceivable Majestie!

Contributed by Christian A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I love how rough this sounds. It has a similar sonic feel to FILOSOFEM, but instead goes for the jugular, as a pack of wolves would.

Zane Goodeker

It's just more "Pagan" largely Bathory or Celtic Frost inspired sounds from 90s Norway.


If you like this type of sound, check out Sortsind from Denmark.


this is a true gem of the most ferocious black metal , that truly has the spirit of the wolf! also for me , nattens cover is maybe my favourite one from all albums ever! a pure magic cover with painting style, the fullmoon and the howling of this majestic creature into the frozen night has everything a BM work must show <3

Edgar Urrea Mendoza

this is beyond beauty and power.. such raw melodies have never ceased to amaze me.

Timothy McKane

Even though the brief acoustic guitar parts on the first song makes it sound beautiful, it doesn't take away on how aggressive the third album is entirely with its cold, lycanthropic bite of Black Metal. This is definitely Ulver's heaviest sound ever.

xxx yyy

Хороший холодный северный Black metal! При возможности надо будет послушать еще!


Everything about this is perfection.


sounds great- original mix or remastered. both sound similar on my computer due to my crappy speakers.it sounds like the original but drums are higher in the mix.

Necroblood 666

Absolute Masterpiece!!!

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